Tom and Steve McCormack grew up in Burlington and are from an East Coast family with a "rich musical background and many years of experience".  Coming from a family of 12 including their parents the house was always filled with live music, family and friends.  Hearing the words "just one more tune" was the norm for these talented brothers.

Jeff and Reg Brown are equally talented musicians originally from the Toronto area.  They have great memories of long drives to their Grandma's cottage and farm house listening to 8 tracks of their Uncle's liking, while their Dad preferred the great vocalists crooning bands of the day as well as bands like CCR.  Their Uncles grooved on the Beatles, Elton John and Simon and Garfunkel.

Reg Brown

(Bass, Vocals)

Hometown:  Cambridge, ON

Reg is a dynamic performer and entices the crowd with his desire to show everyone a good time.  He grew up in a musical family and started listening to (and loving) music ranging from the Beatles to Beethoven … played saxophone in the high school stage band (it was the closest thing they had that resembled a rock instrument).

Reg picked up the bass guitar at 17 and it was a good choice because he came to learn early on that every rock band needed a bass player … the world was full of guitarists, drummers and (so-called) rock vocalists.   Eager to be in a rock group and "hit the road" Reg turned pro at 19 (did it for a living) instead of sports medicine at the University of Waterloo.

He played in various groups (one group, Hateful Snake was featured on "The New Music" on City TV).  Reg found that when searching for a vocalist his brother and him could do as good or a better job than most of these auditions so he added lead vocals and fronting skills to his repertoire … with 'entertaining people' being his main goal.

Reg played most of the historic rock venues including Gasworks, Uncle Sams, the Roxy etc. and in the USA, Caribbean and Mexico but mostly all over Ontario especially the Golden Horseshoe around Toronto as a classic rock/party band specialist.

Steve McCormack

(Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass, Backup Vocals, Percussion)

Hometown:  Hamilton, ON

Steve tickles the ivories and brings his charm and charisma to the forefront whenever he plays.  Steve's been the resident piano player in many blues clubs or wherever there is a piano.  He is multi-talented and has contributed to various band's CDs.  Some bands even want to steal him away from TRM but he remains loyal to his "family".

Jeff Brown

(Drums, Vocals)

Hometown:  Cambridge, ON

 Downtown Jeffrey Brown, as his brother Reg refers to him, is the spectacular drummer with TRM.  Jeff's earliest recollection of music that "struck a chord" in his life was classical from Tchaikovsky to Prokofiev along with the intro's to his favourite cartoons of the day.  Well before his teens he was being influenced by the Rock 'n Roll Greats that his Dad and Mom listened to as young adults.

Being the youngest of four, his early teens were shaped by great rock bands of the day that his older sisters (and their friends) would be passing the time with … Zeppelin, Supertramp and the like.  His older brother and his friends' musical choices were catching his attention as well … Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath.  He was inspired to play drums by listening to the Phil Collins drum solo/outro on the Genesis' song, Cinema Show and he's been playing drums ever since.

At 14, Jeff promoted and played his first gig at his Junior high school.  At 15, he played his first bar gig and started touring after finishing high school.  This musical adventure led him to many great venues with many great musicians, from Conventions like the Elvis and Wasaga Bike Rally to festivals from Parry Sound to Niagara Falls to boat cruises and trailer parks … as well as hundreds of dance clubs, halls, bars  and pubs.  Jeff feels blessed to have his brother Reg along with him for most of his musical journey.

Jeff is most proud of the latest project The Real McBrowns.  He met Tom while hosting a jam night and scouting for potential band mates … although speaking to brother Tom, he'll profess to the same thing … I think AC/DC asked "who made who?"

Either way, you can find Jeff drumming (and singing some tunes) with his three brothers, The Real McBrowns at a venue near you.